#Culture And Talents #Digital And Innovation
#Culture And Talents #Digital And Innovation

Throughout their higher education, students seek out personalized careers support and immersion in the world of work. How can they pave the way for their future and enter the financial sector?

At Natixis, we support students via several initiatives and innovative challenges. Our aim is to bridge the gap between their studies and the reality of the world of finance. To do this, we enrich their training programs, provide them with on-the-ground experience and offer them an insight into different financial sectors.

Find out more testimonies from young employees in finance in this section, because at Natixis, we offer much more than just a job!

Training for future jobs 

Facilitating access to higher education is still one of the surefire ways of helping young people to achieve their career goals. Promoting internships gives young people the chance to start building a career which coincides with their personal values. For example, through our partnership with the Web School Factory, we contribute to the tuition fees of business management and computer science students. We also support Lab 42, an IT institution which provides free, self-directed and innovative training to global web developers.

For young people who are more interested in pursuing a career in science, we also support the Math C2+ program, set up by the French Ministry of National Education. This initiative offers internships to middle school and high school students, who may not have access to a close circle of scientific connections. This partnership with universities, leading institutions and research & development facilities promotes a new, inclusive scientific generation by acknowledging social barriers.


Welcoming new talents

Today, young people are looking to develop their financial literacy in practical situations. This is the core aim of the student challenges organized by Natixis such as its data usage challenge, in collaboration with Chaire X-HEC and the Graduate Challenge, which involves portfolio management at Natixis Investment Managers. In the latter, the students directly interacted with experts to discuss real-life business case studies and received support from mentors.

Natixis is proud to be recognized as one of the companies listed under ‘Happy Trainees 2022’ having welcomed nearly 1,500 interns and trainees in 2021. As well as this, Natixis was once again awarded the Diversity of Talents prize at the Grand Prix VIE Entreprises 2021 ceremony.   

Before deciding on a career, it is essential for these talented young individuals to develop their financial literacy. Natixis is committed to hiring 50% young employees by 2024 and to welcoming over 450 trainees and 50 V.I.Es (Volunteering in International Business), as part of its Diversity and Inclusion Policy.



Discovering the financial sector

As Natixis is present in 36 different countries with more than 100 different nationalities represented within our teams, we offering students and young people from all over the world the chance to explore the financial profession across our various locations. When face-to-face meeting isn’t possible, digital tools still offer opportunities to reach students worldwide. For example, remote working enabled this year’s Women in Finance initiative to take place, and we were able to welcome around 40 students and enlist around 30 mentors. Another opportunity offered by Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking, is to integrate the stimulating environment of capital markets with the Analysts and Associates 2021 Global Markets Talent Pool program.