The Natixis Foundation also provides support to the Math C2+ program launched by the French Ministry for Education and the Paris Mathematical Sciences Foundation.

The aim of the program is to organize training sessions for high school students in partnership with universities, engineering schools and research institutions in order to:

  • Foster a new scientific culture,
  • Identify and encourage mathematical talent in youths, and more specifically in Priority Education Areas,
  • Open up the way for a scientific career for students who are not familiar with sciences; for example, girls and students from backgrounds where science is not traditionally chosen as a career path,
  • Facilitate contact between the education world and the sphere of research.


The social aspect is very important; the objective is to give high-potential students who do not have a scientific background the opportunity to study in science fields. At the present time, more than half the young people who have attended Math C2+ training sessions have opted to do science-related studies.