Natixis Foundation’s raison d’être

We aim for the Natixis Foundation to become the enabler for Natixis employees’ commitment to the transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive world.

The Natixis Foundation seeks to take Natixis staff’s commitment a step further by getting involved in general interest and impactful initiatives that both protect the environment and contribute to solidarity, in France and in the rest of the world.

Creation of the Natixis Foundation

The Natixis Foundation was officially established on December 1st, 2020.

The Natixis Foundation pursues philanthropic initiatives combining both environmental and solidarity-based goals. It embodies our people’s longstanding tradition of engagement in community initiatives in France and worldwide, as well as the environmental dimension that sits at the heart of Groupe BPCE’s international businesses.

The Natixis Foundation supports both the environment and solidarity and has set out three priority areas for action i.e. workplace integration for young people and education, the circular economy and biodiversity.

The Natixis Foundation strives to select and support regional actions and projects across the world, with the support of our committed staff. Its work offers our people an opportunity to support society and contribute to innovative general interest initiatives with a strong social impact.

The Natixis Foundation celebrates its second year of committing to projects of general interest in protecting the environment and solidarity.
In 2022, 22 projects are underway and 577 staff from Global Financial Services (GFS), Natixis IM and Natixis CIB, have taken active action. The foundation’s actions have helped 383 young people, 36,217 beneficiaries of local food aid, and nearly 128,000 beneficiaries of improved access to drinking water and health facilities. The Natixis Foundation also continued to respond to exceptional humanitarian and health crises such as Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine in coordination with Groupe BPCE.

Discover the foundation’s 2022 achievements in our video (below).



A co-construction approach

The Natixis Foundation has developed as a result of our staff’s commitment to building a sustainable and solidarity-driven world, across all our geographical locations.

Our people can also get involved in volunteer initiatives by taking part in actions by the Natixis Foundation’s partners.

This co-construction approach means that the Natixis Foundation can support:

  • workplace integration for young people via projects to protect biodiversity, in partnership with the association Unis-Cité,
  • assistance for those in need by fighting food waste, in partnership with associations Linkee and Banco Alimentare,
  • actions for those returning to the workplace via the renovation of toys in partnership with the association Rejoué,
  • an improvement in the quality of biodiversity in rural and mountain areas, in partnership with the Fondation Terre de Liens and the association Mountain Wilderness France respectively.

Addressing the health challenges related to the Covid-19 crisis, the Natixis Foundation is also involved in improving healthcare conditions in four rural Africa villages via equipment that generates solar power, in partnership with the NGO Électriciens Sans Frontières. It also supports the construction and renovation of wells in rural communities in Liberia in partnership with the NGO Action contre la Faim. Here, access to clean water improves sanitation conditions and practices (including hygiene practices supporting the fight against Covid) for rural communities, and promotes the development of local agriculture.


Functions Profession
Michel Grass Chairman Chairman of the Board of directors at the Banque Populaire Bourgogne Franche Comté (Groupe BPCE)
Alix Boisaubert Member Head of Global Corporate Communications of Natixis Investment Managers
Tracey Flaherty Member Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Affairs at Natixis Investment Managers
Laura Payet Member Energy industry group advisor at Natixis Corporate and Investment Banking
Orith Azoulay Member Global Head of Green & Sustainable Finance at Natixis Corporate and Investment Banking
Julien Duquenne Member Head of CSR at GFS
Maxime Pech De Pluvinel Member Head of Communications at Natixis
Natalie Chan Member Managing Director at PIE Strategy
Clémentine Blazy Member Independent consultant for the European Center for Social Finance
Matthieu Archambeaud Member Agronomist, co-founder of Icosysteme
Majid El Jarroudi Member General Delegate at Agence pour la Diversité Entrepreneuriale

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  • Cécile Turbelin, General Delegate, Natixis Foundation
  • Nicolas Marchot, Project Communication Leader
  • Anne-Sophie Quinche, Assistant
  • Nour Abid, Student on work-study placement

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Founded in 2006, the Natixis Foundation for Research & Innovation acts as a driving force to encourage research in the broad field of mathematical finance and data sciences: capital markets, actuarial finance and insurance, quantitative asset management, risk management, financial econometrics and statistics, derivatives pricing, hedging of complex financial instruments, an applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to new issues in digital finance and fintechs. Natixis Foundation with its Scientific Committee is a major contributor to the development of research in quantitative finance.

Supporting research at the international level

Natixis Foundation for Research & Innovation is currently unique in its focus on mathematical finance and in taking part in the latest developments undertaken by the best university research teams in the world.

Natixis Foundation offers several types of research support:

  • PhD and research grants on subjects directly related to current issues and technical challenges faced by financial institutions,
  • Awards for outstanding contributions (Louis Bachelier Natixis – London Mathematical Society Prize; Prize for best Master’s thesis in quantitative finance; Prize for the Data Challenge Natixis-École Normale Supérieure),
  • Co-sponsor of scientific conferences with top-ranked universities.

Scientific Committee

The initiatives of the Natixis Foundation for Research & Innovation are adopted under the authority of its Scientific Committee made up of personalities from the scientific world.


Former Head of Quantitative Research at Natixis, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation.


Head of Research at INRIA, former Professor of École Polytechnique and former Chairman of SMAI, Vice-President of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation.


Professor of finance at CNAM, Chairman of the Department of Economics, Finance, Insurance and Banking.


Professor at University of Oxford and director of the Chair of Mathematical finance, director of Research at CNRS.


Professor Emeritus at Sorbonne University, founder of the Master “Probabilities and Finance” of the Probabilities and Random Models Laboratory of Université Paris 6, Pierre et Marie Curie.


Professor at Université Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne.


Professor Emeritus at Sorbonne University and member of the French Academy of Sciences.