• Innovating to support staff with disabilities via the Tremplin program

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    Published 11/25/21
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    Natixis, the Simplon school and EA DSI* have joined forces to set up an innovative program to support 15 people with disabilities and who are experiencing unemployment to retrain in digital professions.

    Our trainees will undertake an eight-month training course at Simplon and join EA DSI on a fixed-term work contract, known as a Tremplin contract, when they have achieved their qualifications. Under this innovative set-up, learners can access additional training if required, and will work alongside teams at Natixis, paving the way for potential future recruitment opportunities.

    This program is an integral component of our Diversity & Inclusion policy and addresses a twofold goal: on the one hand, it supports employment for those with disabilities by helping them move into the jobs of the future; on the other hand, it enables us to meet our recruitment challenges by training qualified developers who are proficient in computing languages and new technologies.

    Christelle Room, Head of Diversity at Natixis explains: “This program offers a new approach to recruitment for those with extensive and often unique life experiences. We are convinced that it is entirely possible to learn a new profession, as motivation is a key factor in success. I am thrilled that we are involved in this innovative program and welcome the opportunity to revisit our own recruitment practices for roles where it is notoriously difficult to recruit”.

    Tarsilius Susini, co-CIO of Data & Technology at Natixis notes: “This is an extremely attractive program that combines Simplon’s tried-and-tested teaching methods with support by EA DSI professionals, a company that is renowned for supporting staff with disabilities”.

    Our 15 highly motivated future learners – selected from a group of 80 candidates – met at Simplon last week with managing teams from Natixis and EA DSI, and in the presence of some of our people from Natixis who have also decided to take a new career path and train as developers via our Jobs In Motion program.

    You are not here by accident – you have been selected because you have the ability to succeed. We have also been through the same experience, and it has shown the importance of sticking together. You will go through stages of joy and success, but there will also be moments of doubt when your greatest strength will come from helping each other” notes Sabrine, who is currently training to be a developer.

    Natixis successfully launched the Jobs In Motion program in 2020 with the aim of training more than 1,000 talents in the jobs of the future by 2024. We are very proud to draw on this fantastic experience to support this new initiative.


    * EA DSI is a company in the adapted solidarity work sector where almost 80% of its staff have a disability

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