#Business #Sustainable Transition
Published 10/28/20 | Updated 3/18/21
Reading 20 Min.
Published 10/28/20 | Updated 3/18/21
Reading 20 Min.
#Business #Sustainable Transition

You’re wondering about the finance role in the ecological transition? It’s a perfect timing, for us as well! Discover our new podcasts’ series created by Natixis namely Green Momentum, which brings together experts and specialists from various sectors. They decipher for you what are the stakes and new challenges for the “green” purpose.

THEy stated it

  • "We may say that sustainable finance entered a new phase because it's increasingly embedded into hard law, into regulation." Cédric Merle
  • “We use a complex methodology that is very specific to each sector that we do finance.” Karen Degouve
  • "Responsibly and sustainably managed portfolios have better withstood the effects of the crisis, recording performances markedly better than those of traditional funds." Philippe Zaouati
  • "We can no longer consider the company independently of its environment and broader impact." Orith Azoulay
  • “We have a very ambitious plan at the European level and we see that national governments are turning green in their infrastructure and spending plans.” Jean-François Robin
  • “If you look at the various solutions necessary to decarbonize the world economy you see that all the technologies are already there. What we need is scale.” Ivan Pavlovic
  • “Companies that just waited for the regulation to change by heart will not be the companies that will win.” Léa Dunand-Chatellet
  • “It's like a pyramid when it comes to investment: you have the leaders and a few years after, the others will do what they were doing.” Thierry Laquitaine
  • “We have decided to align all our investment policy with the Paris agreement goals for global temperature increase of two degrees Celsius.” Maxime Druais
  • « ESG criteria do not improve negatively performance and maybe it also opens opportunities to investment investors and has a positive impact on risk management.” Mathilde Dufour
  • “There is a study from a French environmental agency that revealed the development of what we call the transfer. There are men and women who already apply ecological practices at home, and they want to try to find them in the companies.” Agnès Guiral
  • “Candidates are looking for management that will meet their expectations in terms of having a positive impact. This can happen in different ways: the confidence, the autonomy the management will give to them.” Mélanie Conti

Transition, at the heart of Natixis' strategy

Climate change is one the of the greatest challenges of our time. One of Natixis' objective is to always best support its clients and partners into their ecological transition.