#Culture And Talents
Published 5/12/21
Reading 5 Min.
Published 5/12/21
Reading 5 Min.
#Culture And Talents

Here at Natixis, each and every one of our people is unique. We firmly believe that performance goes hand-in-hand with diversity: we strive to be an inclusive company where all our talents can grow and make an impact. We are proud to take part in Hello Handicap, the first online European recruitment fair for staff with disabilities, which will run from May 25th to 28th, 2021.

Natixis has been committed to including workers with disabilities in the company for more than 10 years, making this one of the key components of our Diversity & Inclusion policy.


Let’s talk about goals and skills

The 2021 edition of Hello Handicap offers a number of opportunities for candidates and companies. Take the opportunity ti register on Hello Handicap, a simple, fast and efficient interface. The fair involves interviews with hundreds of recruiters nationwide across France enabling 30,000 candidates with disabilities to connect by phone or online chat.

This trade fair is an excellent opportunity for us to meet new talents and discover their unique personalities. Both recruiters and experts here at Natixis will be on hand to discuss candidates’ career goals and discover their skills.

Here at Natixis, all our roles are open to workers with disabilities. We offer a wide range of opportunities for candidates, particularly in finance, sales, IT, project management, risk, compliance, accounting, control/audit, marketing and digital.


Let’s be the CHANGE– It’s up to us!

We take a proactive approach to disability at Natixis, making it an integral part of our diversity and inclusion campaign – “Let’s be the CHANGE”. It is our role to be this change as regards disability and any visible and/or invisible differences that make each of us the unique individuals we are. Inclusion is our diversity in action, as we make every effort to ensure that each person feels respected and valued for their skills, and strive to develop the best possible environment for all our people to do their job. We build a workplace that promotes trust and a working experience where skills are more important than differences, where each person has a role to play.

Rida El Mouedden, Accounting expert leader tells us “I instantly felt most comfortable at Natixis, disability just isn’t an issue here. Managers are aware of disability and had no problems making the necessary arrangements for my workstation – they were simply interested in finding the right profile, the right personality and of course the right skills. I really appreciated the caring attitude from both the teams and my managers. Here I feel like my co-workers see me, not my disability.”


Read Rida’s full interview


Major progress

In private sector companies, on average 3.6% of the work force comprised employees with disabilities in 2020*. Here at Natixis, we have more than trebled the overall employment rate for staff with disabilities since 2010, with 4.8% or more than 500 staff with disabilities. Cécile Tricon-Bossard, Chief Human Resources Officer at Natixis tells us “human capital is our company’s key advantage: beyond ethical aspects, diversity drives performance, innovation and staff engagement. We seek to ensure professional fulfilment for all our staff, ensuring they feel included while taking on board their differences.”

Natixis is committed to supporting staff with disabilities and signed its fourth disability agreement for 2020-2022, making ambitious recruitment pledges as well as commitments on purchasing in the protected worker sector. We will also roll out around 60 initiatives to raise awareness among employees and managers across France.

We roll out our disability policy day-to-day via our network of support staff in our business lines, who work with our staff with disabilities in their career and daily activities i.e. supporting them in joining their new teams, making adjustments to their workstations and hours, assisting with transportation, training, etc. Every effort is made to develop the best possible workplace experience for all our people.


* Direct and indirect employment