In today’s ever-changing world, Natixis supports the transformation of its business lines and ensures sustainable and respectful performance across the board. In practical terms, this goal translates into action via the promotion of diversity and work-life quality for our teams.


We are committed to building a respectful and inclusive working environment built on our staff’s diversity and where all our employees are empowered to be themselves and make an impact.


Gender equality in the workplace

Our equality in the workplace policy is based on three main priorities: female representation in business lines that are traditionally more male-dominated, their representation in top roles, and wage equality.

Since 2019, we have stepped up our commitment and featured for the first time in the Bloomberg gender-equality index, signed the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles and supported the development of an investment fund promoting gender equality by our subsidiary Mirova.

We also rank as the leading bank for gender balance in management bodies for companies listed on the SBF 120.



Supporting younger employees

Natixis is a responsible employer and as such has committed to concretely promoting employment, with the aim of under 30s making up 50% of recruitments out to 2020. More than 500 students on work-study placements, 400 interns and 80 international volunteer program participants joined the company this year.

As for seniors, we have made a commitment to maintain at least a 12% rate of representation of seniors aged 55 and over in the workforce (they are 16.7% at the end of 2020) and to recruit at least 5 % of employees aged 45 and over in all annual recruitments.


Inclusion for staff with disabilities

Natixis signed its fourth Disability agreement at the start of 2020. This agreement includes pledges on recruitment, purchases in the adapted and protected work sector and awareness initiatives for Natixis employees. The employment rate staff with disabilities has more than tripled at Natixis.



Natixis is committed to LGBT+ inclusion and supports professional networks created through employee-led initiatives. The London-based Natixis Pride Network was established in November 2019 and the All Equals network in 2020, which has several hundred members located in Paris, Bordeaux, Caen, Porto, New York, or Boston. Both these networks are open to all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


Work-life quality

Here at Natixis, we are convinced that sustainable performance goes hand-in-hand with a focus on our staff, and we have rolled out an ambitious policy over recent years to support employees’ health, wellbeing and work-life quality more broadly speaking.

Natixis has held the Top Employer certification since 2017, applauding the company’s commitment to supporting work-life balance for its staff, with:

  • The development of teleworking, which more than half of staff had already taken up before the health crisis, as well as new ways of working, such as collaborative tools and new workspaces,
  • Creation of concierge services,
  • The reservation of daycare places for parents with young children.

As well as

  • The development of new workspaces, tools and more collaborative ways of working, as well as programs for each and every one of our staff to express their views and be heard.


We also feature among the best employers in France, ranking 10th in the Glassdoor classification of the best employers in 2020.