#Culture And Talents #Digital And Innovation
Published 4/16/19
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Published 4/16/19
Reading 3 Min.
#Culture And Talents #Digital And Innovation

Natixis is a strong advocate of gender equality and the company is a signatory to the Manifesto for an inclusive digital world and partner for the seventh edition of Digital Women’s Day.

Working to build a more inclusive digital world

Natixis is a signatory to the Manifesto for an inclusive digital world (in French only), whereby member companies pledge to set and comply with gender equality goals in terms of:

  • The percentage of women who take digital training courses and university classes,
  • The proportion of women in new hires,
  • The number of women in teams,
  • Financing for projects managed by mixed-gender teams (for banks and large companies that support start-ups or in-house innovative projects).


A committee has also been set up to assess the impact of the various initiatives: it will report back on its findings in April 2020.


Women & Digital – changing the world

Natixis is partner to the 7th Digital Women’s Day, which will take place in Paris on April 17, 2019. Digital Women’s Day supports greater representation for women in the digital arena. The event is packed with meetings and opportunities to share knowledge and experience, all with the aim of showcasing women who use digital to revolutionize the world and providing a forum for them to connect.

This year’s theme is “They change the world“, and a number of personalities will take part to share their experience and inspire their audiences.

Natixis’ COO Véronique Sani will give a keynote speech Women talk business, along with Shanty Baerhel, founder of Shanty Biscuits.

View the full program for the 2019 Digital Women’s Day here: https://lajourneedelafemmedigitale.fr/en/jfd-paris-en/


Natixis working to promote greater inclusion in digital

These fresh pledges follow on from our range of initiatives to promote inclusion in the digital arena:

  • Focus on recruiting female students on work placements to develop our talent pool,
  • Mentoring programs,
  • 50/50 split for applications for our career development programs,
  • Launch of Champion for Change initiative aimed at encouraging women to work in IT.


We have also set the goal of ensuring one quarter of recruitments to our IT teams are women by 2020.



Key figures

In France

  • 27% of staff in the digital sector are women*;
  • 10% of start-ups are led by women*.


*Source: Digital Women’s Day


At Natixis

  • Aim for 25% of our IT recruitments to be women in 2020