Published 1/28/19
Published 1/28/19
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New times bring changes. And Natixis wants to be part of it. This is why Natixis in Portugal has launched the Champion for Change Program: a pioneer advocacy initiative aiming to accelerate diversity and inclusion in the Portuguese tech scene.

We are committed to proactively build a diverse environment where anyone can pursue their full potential and engage the next generations to build new paths. Champion for Change is a program about change. Champion for change is about showing girls and women that IT is an option.


Inclusion and Beyond

Natixis aims to be a Champion for Change by stimulating and promoting diversity and inclusion in the world of technology.

At Natixis, your job description and background does not decide your career trajectory any longer. You do.

At Natixis, we keep challenging the status quo because we believe we can always evolve as individuals, professionals and leaders.

Natixis is a friendly place to work for men and women & an interesting company to develop your career. Come and see for yourself.

Natixis believes that a diverse team is more creative, grows with multiple perspectives and has a greater performance. It also ensures sustainable growth and a more collaborative society.

Watch the video of our IT Center of Expertise in Portugal.