#Culture And Talents
Published 3/16/21
Reading 3 Min.
Published 3/16/21
Reading 3 Min.
#Culture And Talents

We are proud to receive the Jury’s Grand Prix for learning organizations barometer awarded by LearnAssembly and PwC for the second consecutive year. This prize recognizes our training initiative and more broadly our approach to developing a culture of continuous learning. This is a real source of pride at a time when acquiring new skills has become essential to maintain performance.

At Natixis, we want to give every individual in the company the means to develop and gain skills that will be of value in their current and future professions.

These features of our policy caught the attention of the jury, whether it be the provision of training during a pandemic, retraining courses for future professions, or the launch of the new online training platform LinkedIn Learning.


Adapting to the crisis and offering new learning formats

Since March 2020, supporting employees and leaders with new issues has been a key priority for Natixis. Tailored webinars such as “Parents & children in lockdown”, “Enforced remote management and collaboration” and “Mindfulness”, have enabled Natixis employees to better understand this extraordinary situation and to better manage their day-to-day lives.

The pandemic has also prompted us to change our practices. With nearly 60% of our training courses having been redesigned to operate remotely, our employees can continue to progress according to their needs through varied educational methods (e-coaching, co-development, virtual classes, webinars, digital solutions etc.) These represent the new modes of learning now adopted by a growing number of employees.


Training our employees for new professions

With the skills revolution underway, and financial professions fully implicated, we have implemented an ambitious program to facilitate professional mobility as well as training for new professions. It is in this context, for example, that we launched the Step Up Academy, our reskilling program that enables employees to switch profession with access to a work-study program.

In 2020, around sixty retraining courses were set up, some of which are specific to developing business lines, in partnership with Simplon, or dedicated to Data.

In addition to this, a diverse range of à la carte solutions designed to define your professional project, create your CV, assess your skills and motivation (self-service personality tests) etc.


Learn anywhere, at any time, at your own pace

More and more employees are proving to be the driving force behind their own development. Natixis is moving up a gear as regards self-study by providing a unique, rich and globally recognized platform: LinkedIn Learning. With over 16 000 classes taught by experts on technology, soft skills or leadership, LinkedIn Learning has already inspired more than 2 500 employees. From short videos to certification courses, everyone has the freedom to cultivate their learning routine at their own pace, to suit their preferences and their skill set.


The furture of Learning

With a view to the development of future Parisian sites, Natixis is promoting the integration of places to learn that combine the use of space, technology and education. Our learning spaces will represent openness and performance.

Designed based on a model of “villages” structured around life, relaxation and learning, these spaces are modular, focused on the learning experience and new habits. They will facilitate collaborative learning in real-life situations, experimentation, creation with a video studio and even immersion with a virtual reality lab.