#Culture And Talents
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#Culture And Talents

With our presence in 36 countries, at Natixis, we comprise over 100 nationalities within our teams; this diversity is a major asset for our company, and it is at the heart of our culture.

Going beyond words, we value actions to create an inclusive and respectful environment where all individuals can feel good, be themselves and have a positive impact. This is why we have made a number of commitments in order to promote: gender diversity, the integration of individuals living with a handicap, a diverse mix of ethnic, social and cultural origins as well as the intersection of different generations.

Through this series of portraits, we will regularly present personalities and experiences where skill prevails over differences. You will get to know the thriving men and women who, beyond their differences and unique stories, have chosen not to leave their identity at the door, and have instead made it a strength.

We thank them all for sharing their talent, their commitment and their openness which helps us all move forward on the path to inclusion.



James Cove, Senior Vice President at Natixis Investment Managers, celebrates twenty years at Natixis. During the Pride Month, his LinkedIn page adorned with the rainbow colors reflects his commitment. But Jim wanted to take his engagement further and decided to set up an employee resource group for LGBTQ+ staff last year.

Frank Trividic, deputy head of management at Seeyond, came to terms with his situation. He applied for the official recognition of the status of disabled worker (RQTH in French) last year and obtained it in January 2021. This milestone is also an opportunity for him to share his experience.

Rida El Mouedden – a recently appointed accounting expert leader – has never experienced his disability as an obstacle to his career at Natixis or an impediment to his charity involvement. It all actually helps him fully pursue his activity.

Barbara Riccardi was appointed Regional Head of Middle-East in June 2020. She is involved in the promotion of the first Women’s sponsorship programme. Portrait of a globe-trotter who has visited over 50 countries and lived in seven of them.

Based in Madrid for over 20 years, Sophie del Campo, General Manager at Natixis Investment Managers Iberia, Latin America and US Offshore, fosters compassion by taking into account cultural differences. Portrait of a connoisseur of Latin-American markets, for whom interculturality is first and foremost a gift.