#Art And Sport #Culture And Talents
Published 6/28/21
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Published 6/28/21
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#Art And Sport #Culture And Talents

Three young Musicians-in-Residence of the Paris Opera Academy – where Natixis is founding sponsor – gave an exceptional concert on the 29th floor of one of the Duo Towers, Groupe BPCE’s and Natixis’ future head office. The trio safely visited the building site, which is not yet open to the public. This was an excellent opportunity for group staff to enjoy a remote performance of Serenade for String Trio, Op. 10 by Ernő Dohnányi, first and second movements, Marcia and Romanza.

An exceptional backstage experience

The contrast between the incomplete décor and the elegant outfits and instruments during the concert is striking in the pictures, although the musicians had to arrive with building site clothes before the concert – helmet, overalls and boots.

The East Tower is 180 meters high, making it one of the highest towers in Paris, with our musicians playing around 150 meters from the ground on the 29th floor.

The towers were designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel and built by a subsidiary of Vinci Construction, with one tower reaching up 180 meters and the other 122 meters. The future head office for Groupe BPCE and Natixis, located on the edge of the Paris ring road with 88,000 m2 of office space across two towers, will house the various teams by 2022.


An unprecedented musical performance

Natixis has supported the promotion of culture for the past several years, via its partnership with the Paris Opera Academy and seeks to offer access to music for all audiences as it accompanies the development of tomorrow’s talents.

Myriam Mazouzi, director of the Paris Opera Academy, explains more about the program: “The musicians of the Academy chose to promote a better understanding of the Hungarian composer Ernő Dohnányi (1877-1960) and of his Serenade composed in 1902. In light of the constraints related to the building work at the Duo Towers, the trio format was the best suited.”

“This concert was an entirely magical experience for us. None of us had played high in a tower before, and definitely not on a building site!” explains one of the musicians.


Program for Opera Academy musicians in the Duo Towers:

Serenade for String Trio, Op. 10 by Ernő Dohnányi – first and second movements, Marcia and Romanza

Violin: Yoan Brakha

Viola: Madeleine Rey

Cello: Johann Causse