#Business #Culture And Talents
Published 7/5/21
Reading 2 Min.
Published 7/5/21
Reading 2 Min.
#Business #Culture And Talents

Natixis was partner for the 21st edition of the Rencontres Économiques economic forum in Aix-en-Provence from July 2nd to 4th, an event organized by the Cercle des économistes with the theme of “Embracing the future together”.

Over the three days of debate, more than 300 figures from the economic, political and social arena, representing different viewpoints and nationalities met to consider the response to the key challenges facing us over the next five years:

  • How can we rebuild our societies, whose fractures have increased as a result of the crisis?
  • What new model for capitalism?
  • How can our country get back on track?


Nicolas Namias, Chief Executive Officer of Natixis, took part in the “Financing the real economy” panel, moderated by Dominique Seux (Les Echos).

Finance obviously has a key and concrete role in supporting the real economy, but the real question today is just which real economy it should support. The challenge is to make finance a true catalyst for the transitions and transformations required to create value both sustainably and in an inclusive way, promote development and innovation, and help promote the common good, beyond the economy.


I have never seen finance and the real economy as sitting in opposition – rather finance is a catalyst that opens possibilities. The key challenge will be to finance today’s three major transitions i.e. the climate transition, the tech transition, and the social transition.

Nicolas Namias, Chief Executive Officer of Natixis

View Nicolas Namias’ talk in the “Financing the real economy” panel


“La Parole aux 18-28”

The conference also provided a platform for the 18-28 age group: Eléonore Brouchet, a data analyst at Natixis, attended the conference as part of a group of 120 young people selected for the #LP1828 program.

Watch the video and find out about her experience of the event.