#Charity #Culture And Talents
Published 6/26/17
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Published 6/26/17
Reading 4 Min.
#Charity #Culture And Talents

Via its fifth call for projects, Natixis is sponsoring four new projects presented by employees involved in a non-profit organization. From Vietnam to Africa via Nepal, read about all those projects.

Natixis supports its employees’ humanitarian actions

In 2011, Natixis launched “The Boost”, a call for projects to support the humanitarian actions of its employees involved in an NGO or a non-profit organization.

Employees who are personally active in humanitarian, environmental, cultural, artistic or sports projects can present their project to Natixis to obtain financial support.

The projects presented are voted on by company employees.

In 2016, 4 projects out of 22 were selected.

Their choice was based on:

  • social utility and public good;
  • involvement of the employees concerned;
  • social ethics;
  • uniqueness and feasibility


Since its creation, The Boost has supported 21 projects, both in France and abroad.


The four projects supported by Natixis in 2017

1/ Les Enfants du Dragon

The project Les Enfants du Dragon consists in creating an orphanage in the Long An region in Vietnam, in the Mekong delta.

Located south of Ho Chi Minh City, the objective of the organization is to welcome one hundred children who are orphaned, abandoned or living in the streets.

More than an orphanage, it aims to be a long-lasting project that will help the children eventually enter a professional life. One hundred children will get the schooling they need and develop their skills until the age of 18 and if possible the organization will provide support to further their education either by learning a trade or going to university.

Building of the structure began in 2015 and one first building was completed in October 2016. Before beginning to welcome the children in June 2017, the center needs to obtain supplies and tools.


2/ HI ! Club des Petits Gouters

Combining nutrition and education, HI! Club des Petits Gouters provides daily balanced and nutritious snacks to all the children of a public elementary school in Toamasina, a big city in Madagascar.

In 2011, the president and founder who is also a doctor, was often called to the school in her neighborhood to attend children who fainted in class. In most cases, the diagnosis was hypoglycemia due to insufficient caloric intake.

Although there are several organizations in Madagascar involved in the problem of nutrition, HI! Club des Petits Gouters is different in that the snacks they provide is a pretext to stimulate school attendance.

The organization endeavors to provide the school children with the energy they need to be able to attend school and follow their classes and achieve the best academic performance. In this part of the world where education is not a priority, the organization offers an alternative to child labor or begging, thus “feeding the children’s dreams”.


3/ Les Médecins de Chinguetti Pakbeng

The primary objective of Médecins de Chinguetti Pakbend since 2007 has been to reduce maternal mortality (50 times higher than in France) and neonatal mortality (20 times higher than in France) in the North-West region of Laos.

80% of the women give birth at home with no help at all. High-risk pregnancies are not detected early enough to transfer the mothers to a maternity ward. Newborns do not get the proper health care and the consequences of difficult child birth are very serious both for the mothers and the newborns.

The organization informs the women, sets up pregnancy monitoring as close as possible to the villages, trains health care staff and provides the necessary equipment to clinics and local hospitals.

It intends to reach sustainable development results, i.e. reduce maternal mortality by 50% in Pakbeng (2,000 women are concerned) and train at least one midwife for each clinic in the country.


4/ Crystal Kids

Crystal Kids provides help to the street children of Katmandu, in Nepal. It provides full long-term assistance, including lodgings, health care, education and schooling until they finish school.

Today Crystal Kids cares for the schooling, health, education of 25 girls, and has done so for over 10 years.
Six other children whose family cannot pay for their education have been identified.

Crystal Kids works with an official NGO in Nepal which has provided a budget for the education of these 6 children. The budget includes admission fees, school fees, uniforms, books and school supplies.

This assistance will enable these children to become free, autonomous and responsible men and women who are committed to their country, one of the poorest countries in the world.