#Art And Sport
Published 10/15/19
Reading 2 Min.
Published 10/15/19
Reading 2 Min.
#Art And Sport

Natixis has supported the promotion of culture with all audiences via Orchestre de Paris (ODP) since 2007 as part of its cultural sponsorship program. As of October 15, 2019, Natixis will be supporting the digital, innovative and constantly developing Monsieur Onde project. This cartoon character takes users on a musical journey through some short extracts of classical masterpieces, and provides explanations. So follow your guide on a journey back in time to music and emotion!

Tack a musical journey with Monsieur Onde

Why not kick off with Berlioz’ Symphonie fantastique (French only)?



The Monsieur-Onde.com platform offers users an extensive, fun and simple musical experience with a very educational approach. Monsieur Onde, a fun, dynamic and clever character designed by artist Colcanopa will give you some insight into the history behind the Symphonie Fantastique, and the stories behind all the main pieces of classical music. Monsieur Onde offers users an interactive, personalized journey by listening to a range of masterpieces. The browsing system is very user-friendly and is based on standard browsing practices i.e. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., and is designed primarily for mobile use.


So go ahead and click, listen, enjoy and tag

  • Click on the Monsieur-Onde.com platform and select the extract to match your mood using the platform’s hashtag system e.g. #exciting, #surprising, #piano, etc.
  • Listen to the piece with Monsieur Onde, who will share his thoughts and convey his knowledge
  • Enjoy the experience as you find out more about the piece’s history and its composer as you listen
  • Express your own emotions with tags (#melancholy, #soso, #thrilling, etc.), themes (#littleEars, #blastingbagpipes, etc.) or the season’s program.


A personalized digital experience

The platform provides insight into the language of classical music, and each time you visit, you can review your browsing history, your favorites and share your new knowledge on social media. There is no excuse that you do not know where to start with the classical masterpieces, as the platform takes users on a journey across 260 years of the classical repertoire via its hashtags and musical works.

The platform is also constantly developing, so several short videos will gradually be unveiled, as sketches drawn exclusively by the artist Colcanopa come alive in 3-minute clips using motion design. So let Monsieur Onde take you on a thrilling journey through Berlioz, Mozart and Bach.


Musical culture available to all

Natixis has sponsored the Orchestre de Paris since 2007 and is proud to support the creation of the Monsieur-Onde.com digital platform. The platform offers a personalized interactive experience to make the classical masterpieces accessible to all, whether young or old, musical novice or enthusiast, as all users can learn more about instruments, musical writing and orchestration styles across the ages.

All the Natixis’ initiatives to support the Orchestre de Paris seek to achieve the same goal i.e. promote as many French and international masterpieces to the largest possible audience. Natixis believes that promoting culture with all audiences is a vital part of our role and the digital revolution is a fantastic way to support this.


Take a musical journey with monsieur-onde.com