#Culture And Talents
Published 10/9/20
Reading 5 Min.
Published 10/9/20
Reading 5 Min.
#Culture And Talents

Our Learning Days event from September 14 to 25 attracted a large number of participants to the series of videoconference talks, virtual workshops, radio shows, podcasts, videos and a hugely successful community challenge. Natixis’ staff were very involved in this latest edition, which focused on sharing and imparting expertise to help us all unlock our skills and develop them – all to fit with the theme “unlock your potential, we all have something to share”.

Record involvement

This year’s Learning Days were fully international and held entirely onlineMore than 4000 collaborators participated in the events proposed:

  • A community challenge : as a result of a high number of training sessions taken, Natixis awarded €2,000 to the association For a Child’s Smile, which supports children’s education in Cambodia.
  • Videoconferences on various inspiring themes.
  • Online workshops led by our in-house training staff or external experts on various topics (business line expertise, collaborative tools, soft skills, artificial intelligence).
  • In-house radio shows broadcast live, addressing issues such as business transformation, mobility and the concept of learning organization.
  • Podcasts and videos – The “We all have something to share” series – based on staff feedback as they shared their experiences and learning tips.


Key messages from inspiring personalities

Adapt, overcome & win as a team

The world is changing, and it is our response to ongoing change that dictates our success. So how do we inspire the kind of mindset to build and be a part of the kind of teams that drive our organizations to adapt, overcome and win as ONE in the face of times of extreme challenge and change?

In this truly unique, authentic and fast paced keynote, Robyn Benincasa, American motivational speaker and World Adventure Racer, reveals the mindset and strategies that created breakthrough team performance at the World Adventure Racing Championships, and that are easily applied to the adventures in our business lives...


We weren't on the podium every year because we had the fastest team members— we simply had some of the smartest.


Robyn Benincasa has made an art form of extreme performance by competing and winning at the highest levels of sport and business.



Michel Eltchaninoffeditor in chief of Philosophie Magazine, gave a lesson in philosophy using extracts from popular films, as he encouraged us think together about the fundamental question of transmission in our societies, both today and in the past, and considered how this can fit with the reality of today's companies to foster collective intelligence.


Transmission can happen anywhere at any time – it is not just restricted to one place.


Transmission requires us to be open and receptive and means thinking outside the box to experiment and unlock our full potential. From Dead Poets Society to Socrates, from Cars to Rousseau, Michel Eltchaninoff reminded listeners how transmission sits at the very core of the learning experience, providing both enjoyment and surprise.



Stéphane Moriou presented his famous conference on feedback, with the very simple aim of providing participants with ways to add feedback and quality time into their lives.

We live in a desert bereft of feedback, yet in an increasingly challenging world, where the pace is picking up, feedback is crucial. It is not a mere communications tool – it is a source of performance and transformation. This conference is the result of research efforts since 2014, and was filled with examples from our everyday lives, offering straightforward and pragmatic ways for each person to be able to introduce more feedback into their lives.

In a now well-known signature, feedback should be like the symbolic sweater your grandmother gives you : "It's not always pretty, it's often uncomfortable and it's not always the right size, but the next time you receive it, just say one thing – THANK YOU."


Other ways to travel

To take this process beyond the mere pursuit of adventure, globe-trotters Alice Vitoux and Stéphane Kersulec developed the Learn&Kiff concept (combining learning and fun).


Travelling is not a goal in itself, it is a way to reach out to others. We all have something to share with others and something to learn from them.


This concept helped them travel differently and gave them the opportunity for some unique experiences. They told listeners about their round-the-world trip, which took them off the beaten track to meet local populations and find out about their knowledge : fishing on Titicaca Lake, spinning alpaca whool in Peru, living within a Columbian community, boxing in Cambodia...

This captivating talk was a great opportunity to take listeners on a journey too!