Published 5/29/19
Published 5/29/19
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Instant Payment enables users to make transfers from one account to another in just 10 seconds, 24/7, 365 days a year. The service offers a range of advantages for all types of users whether retail clients, consumers, retailers, corporates or the public sector.

Natixis Assurances

Instant Payment offers real opportunities for the insurance business, so Natixis Assurances decided to adopt the technology to pay out claims to clients in real time, making it the first insurer in France to offer this innovation for its customers.

Natixis Assurances is also looking into the use of Instant Payment in some very specific cases, such as natural disaster claims, so it can make the payouts to clients as quickly as possible.

BPCE Factor

BPCE Factor is the first French factoring specialist to offer Instant Payment for Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne business and corporate clients.

For loan requests, customers can now opt for instant payment, and funds are then credited to the business bank account in real time and available instantly. This new payment system makes cashflow management much easier for both companies and their treasurers, providing swift access to funds.

BPCE Financement

BPCE Financement now offers Instant Payment for its clients with a revolving loan, helping them finance their dream, a new project or make it through harder times.

Customers who want to use their revolving loan can now transfer funds instantaneously from the revolving loan facility to their deposit account free of charge.

This is a great example of optimized customer experience as the instant payment transfer takes 10 seconds rather than 24-48 hours currently required.