This system allows any person who meets the definition of a whistleblower as defined by the law of March 21, 2022 (list detailed below), who has witnessed an act or inappropriate behavior, to report it to the competent body using the whistleblowing system of Groupe BPCE’s Global Financial Services (GFS) business lines.

This system concerns alerts on acts or behaviors that may constitute:

  • a crime or offence, a serious and manifest violation of an international commitment duly ratified or approved, a unilateral act of an international organization made on the basis of such a commitment, law or regulation;
  • an infringement of GFS rules of conduct and compliance as expressed in the applicable charters, policies and internal procedures;
  • a threat or serious harm to the public interest.

This system is open to GFS business lines employees (including interns) as well as external staff (suppliers or subcontractors of GFS) who may have to work permanently or occasionally with GFS business lines, including temporary staff. It guarantees the employee or third party who has made a report full protection, strict confidentiality and proper handling of the information, in accordance with regulations.

Reports must be made on the platform available at this address  (available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, etc.)

You can also refer to the Compliance section of the Groupe BPCE website which describes the whistleblower reporting process of the Groupe, accessible via this link: