We support many solidarity projects and encourage the mobilization of our employees, who are more and more willing to commit themselves in meaningful projects for the society.

Workplace giving

We set up a simple and participative workplace charity giving scheme in November 2019. All staff in France can now support one of the five causes selected via this partnership with the company microDON and make a small charitable donation – anywhere from a few cents to a few euros – straight from their salary each month, while the compagny matches all donations made in this program.

Since the launch of this scheme, nearly 150,000 euros have been paid to the beneficiary associations.


Solidarity in the face of COVID-19

Since the start of the health crisis in March 2020, we have chosen to support the local initiatives of its employees around the world faced with the coronavirus pandemic. This commitment was intended to best meet the needs identified locally in the fight against COVID-19. More than 85 initiatives have been carried out in favor of healthcare staff, medical research or populations particularly affected by the pandemic.

In France, a fundraising campaign was launched over a three-month period, with a matching contribution from the company, and nearly €100,000 were raised for the following three organizations: Tous unis contre le virus (alliance between the Fondation de France, AP-HP and Institut Pasteur), Samusocial de Paris and Action Against Hunger. In addition to this fundraising, Natixis Wealth Management and VEGA Investment Managers also made a financial donation to the Samusocial de Paris.

Giving time

Since 2013, Natixis has allowed its employees to take humanitarian leave (Congé Solidaire®) to support the non-profit association Planète Urgence. The missions concern the protection of biodiversity, socio-educational support for young people and the reinforcement of the skills of adults in various fields. In 2020, missions were offered in France or remotely. More than 150 missions have been supported since the beginning.



Natixis Assurances allows its members of staff a day’s leave each year so that they can do volunteer work with non-profit associations. In 2020, 33 volunteer missions were organized in various areas (helping in charity shops, accompanying underprivileged children on a day trip to the beach, installation of temporary cinemas in children’s hospitals, etc.). A total of 817 missions have been carried out with associations since 2014.


International solidarity

In all its international offices, Natixis establishes partnerships with general-interest associations and mobilizes employees support for solidarity-based projects. In 2020, the health crisis had a major impact on the organization of many actions, but other forms of initiatives have been launched to continue to support charities whose role has proved more important than ever in Milan, Madrid, London, Porto, New-York, Boston but also in Asia.


Natixis Foundation

In 2020, Natixis Foundation – corporate foundation was created. Its aim is to facilitate the commitment of all Natixis employees to a fair transition. Natixis Foundation will thus support projects and actions of general interest that come under both environmental protection and solidarity, with a goal of lasting impact.