Published 1/15/18
Published 1/15/18
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The traditional sources of retirement funding – government benefits, workplace savings and personal savings – are no longer as reliable as they once were. Retirement continues to take on a greater weight for US investors as they assume a larger share of the obligation for funding an income stream that will last for decades, while also trying to provide a financial legacy to future generations.

Discover the most important insights from the Natixis Investment Managers 2017 Global Individual Investor Survey Report: Retirement, death, and taxes: Are investors prepared for the inevitable? 


Insight 1: Individuals may not be prepared for this increased burden.

Insight 2: Individuals plan multiple sources of funding in mind but some of ones are potentially less reliable.

Insight 3: However, individuals are in need of solid wealth transfer plans.


Natixis Investment Managers - 2017 Individual Investor Survey