Natixis has adopted a zero-tolerance policy with respect to all forms of corruption and pledges to comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws at all times.

In that respect, Natixis has made a public commitment by adhering to the 2007 UN Global Compact, whose tenth principle states:”Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery”.

In order to comply with the requirements introduced the article 17 of the law for the promotion of transparency, combating corruption and the modernisation of the economy, (known as the Sapin II Law) Natixis has adopted a anticorruption & bribery compliance program (ABC compliance program).

This ABC compliance program aims to ensure :

  • That the risks of corruption have been correctly identified and analyzed
  • That these risks are effectively governed by the appropriated policies and procedures
  • That managers and employees most exposed to these risks have been made aware of the commitment made by Natixis in the fight against corruption, that they are familiar with the content of the ABC compliance program, and that they have received the appropriate training
  • That the roll out of the ABC compliance program is conducted through the different entities of Natixis


The main rules and procedures of this ABC compliance program are transcribed in the “Anticorruption Policy applicable to all of Natixis entities and employees.