Published 1/19/17
Published 1/19/17
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EuroTitres has added another string to its bow for its banking network service

The TOPAZE Client Final service furnishes assistance on securities

With TOPAZE Client Final, banks can entrust EuroTitres with their clients’ telephone orders on shares, mutual funds and securities transactions under white labeling. EuroTitres thereby gives clients direct access to its experts’ know-how.
Three institutions have turned to TOPAZE Client Final since its launch in 2016. They will soon be joined by a fourth in early 2017.

The scope of TOPAZE Client Final will shortly be broadened to embrace new services that require cutting-edge expertise and which often trouble agencies, such as the acquisition of unlisted securities in share savings accounts, short-term securities transactions and foreign tax regimes.

This new service is a prime illustration of the business line’s transformation capacity. The Bank is currently working on a version for retail clients.

TOPAZE Client Final – a complement to TOPAZE Agence

EuroTitres clients have had the benefit of TOPAZE Agence since 2013. TOPAZE Agence is a middle-office securities service dedicated to existing banking networks through which banks can outsource their clients’ processing instructions to Natixis, as well as assistance to agencies in the securities area.

Twelve Groupe BPCE institutions already benefit from this service and three more have opted to use it in 2017.

Thanks to the TOPAZE Agence and Client Final duo, banking networks can entrust the complex securities business to EuroTitres and focus exclusively on their sales development.
Other banking networks outside Groupe BPCE are also interested in TOPAZE.