#Business #Sustainable Transition
#Business #Sustainable Transition

Natixis is committed to halting both financing and investing for the most sensitive sectors with regard to both human and environmental impacts.

Controversial weapons
Exclude companies involved in the production and trade of anti-personnel mines, cluster munitions, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.
Halt financing of coal projects and companies whose business relies primarily on coal.
Tar sands
Stop financing of tar sand oil projects and companies that mainly operate in tar sands.
Shale oil and gas
End financing of shale oil and gas projects and companies that mainly operate in this area.
Ecuadorian oil
Stop trade financing of Ecuadorian crude oil.
Halt financing of oil and gas exploration and production in the Arctic.
Stop financing of the tobacco industry.

Responsible Finance
Sector policies
Responsible Finance
Project finance and dedicated funding
Responsible Finance
Enhanced screening of corporate clients