Published 5/14/18
Published 5/14/18
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Saturday 12 May 2018 in Bilbao, under an Irish weather, the San Mamés Stadium filled up for a beautiful final where the Ciel and Blanc had only one thing on their minds: to get their first star.

Faced with the best teams in Europe at the moment, Racing showed a magnificent face to face Leinster. The hungry one, the one who protects his camp and his own: experts in defense with 92% success in tackles. A nice collective, a nice line of guys with the same desire!

It was a very closed game played in Spain. Neither team was able to pass through the opposing defence. The match scenario is simple: Racing starts by leading. Then the Leinster comes back tied… And it goes on… until the 75th minute. The score is 12-12, Irish touch, Nakarawa steals the ball and offers the opportunity for Racing to attack by surprise. But Teddy Thomas picks the short side and goes back to the sidelines. Back to the sender and this action will be favorable to the Irish who will take the lead for the first time in this match! Bad timing. Bad decision. In this very closed game, the lucidity was certainly missing a little at the end of the game.

On a last action, the Sky and White play it even or double by offering a ball of drop and overtime to Rémi Tales … opposed by the Irish! End of the game, victory for our Irish friends, frustration on the faces takes shape, incomprehension dominates. The star just flew away! Final score: 15 to 12 for Leinster

Racing have shown that they are a great club in Europe. The star will come. They deserve it.

Next up for Racing 92, on Saturday 26 May 2018 in Lyon, for a TOP 14 semi-final against Stade Toulousain or Castres Olympique. Remobilize the troops, keep this ambition put forward during these 80 minutes in Bilbao. Racing 92 can go get a Brennus! Show must go on in TOP 14!

Natixis is proud of its team and supports it in its last conquest of the season.