#Culture And Talents
Published 2/28/22
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Published 2/28/22
Reading 2 Min.
#Culture And Talents

In accordance with the legislation of the Avenir law, which aims to eliminate the gender pay gap, Natixis and its various subsidiaries in France are publishing their Professional Gender Equality Index.

Awarding a score out of 100 points, this index is calculated based on 4 to 5 indicators (depending on the company’s size):

  • Gender pay gap (scored out of 40 points)
  • Annual pay-rise gap (20 points)
  • Promotions gap (15 points)
  • Pay-rises on return from maternity leave (15 points)
  • Number of employees of the under-represented sex (women) among the company’s ten highest earners (10 points).


Natixis and its subsidiaries achieve an overall score of 86 points out of 100.

Here are the scores for each:

Over 1,000 employees

Natixis SA: 86
Between 250 and 1,000 employees

Natixis Investment Managers*: 85 

Natixis Interépargne: 79 

Natixis Wealth Management*: 80 

AEW: 88 

Between 50 and 250 employees

Naxicap Partners: 93


Find the details of the indicators that enabled the calculation of the 2022 Professional Gender Equality Index.



A proactive policy for gender equality

Within Global Financial Services businesses, a proactive policy focused on gender equality in the workplace has been implemented for several years. It is based on three main priorities: diversity in business lines traditionally more dominated by one gender, female representation in top roles, and wage equality. It has been crucial for Natixis SA to improve for instance its gender-equality index with a score of 87 points (versus 86 in 2021). 

As the feminisation of finance is not an option, we are determined to exert every effort to act in favor of a real equality. This is why our senior management committee – which today includes 44% of women, has renewed its commitments:

  • Reach 40% women in leadership circles by 2024 
  • Recruit 50% women in talent pools
  • Follow-up gender equality goals on a quarterly basis.

* Economic and social unit