Published 6/21/19
Published 6/21/19
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Aviation –one of Natixis’ four key sectors– and the promotion of gender equality are two pillars of Natixis’ strategy.

Natixis has set out a number of “diversity commitments” for 2020 which involve applying tangible and quantified pro-diversity measures, notably including the feminization of top management.

The Paris international air show at Le Bourget opens today to the public. On this occasion, Anne-Christine Champion, Global Head of the Real Assets business line, and Gareth John, Global Head of the Aviation sector at Natixis, review the progress made, and the initiatives in place, to achieve gender equality in this male dominated sector.

The Aviation Team at Natixis is approximately 50% women and is part of the business line led by Anne-Christine Champion.

More information on Natixis CIB’s website