Published 12/9/15
Published 12/9/15
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Natixis Shareholder Consultative Committee – CCAN

… the 15th meeting of Natixis Shareholder Consultative Committee (CCAN) took place.


1. Recent events within Natixis and within the Shareholder 
    Consultative Committee:     
    Movements within the Committee – Membership campaign   
    Result of the yearly self-assessment survey of the SCC

2. Natixis Shareholders’ Meetings from 2015 to 2016    
    Compilation of the Shareholders’ Meetings assessment by the Committee 
    Presentation by CapitalCom (financial communications agency) of the    
    “Ranking of Natixis Shareholders’ Meeting”

3. Meeting on Natixis compliance with Laurent Cauchy, Secretary of Natixis’   
    Board of Directors and Secretary of the Shareholders’ Meetings

4. Schedule of 2016 first semester

Download the minutes of Dec 9, 2015 SCC Meeting

Download the presentation of Dec 9, 2015 SCC Meeting