Published 11/23/13
Published 11/23/13
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2013 Actionaria Shareholder Fair

the 2013 Actionaria Shareholder Fair took place at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

Natixis attended the Actionaria Shareholder Fair for the thirteenth year in a row. The Shareholder Team was surrounded with representatives from CACEIS, from Natixis Economic Research Team, and from members of the Shareholders’ Consultative Committee of Natixis.

Actionaria is the only European event devoted to Private Stock Exchange Investment.

Jean Cheval, Natixis Head of Finance and Risks, has been publicly interviewed by Lionel Garnier, a journalist from Le Revenu, as part of the “Presidents’ Agora” . Mr. Cheval presented the new strategic plan, mentioned the organisation of Natixis businesses and confirmed the strenghtening of Natixis financial structure ahead of Basel III.

 This interview may be viewed hereunder (in French only)

1.Priorities and targets (part 1)


2.Priorities and targets (part 2)


3.Investments in the insurance sector


4.Strategic plan – return on equity target


5.Strategic plan – Performance for Natixis minority shareholders


6.Policy of dividend in cash


7.Future of Coface (Credit insurer)


8.Value of Coface in Natixis balance sheet


9.Situation of Natixis as regards the 2014 stress tests of the Central European Bank