Published 6/11/18
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Published 6/11/18
Reading 2 Min.

Natixis will organize the third edition of its “Work & Life Week” from June 11 to 15, entailing various events on the work-life quality theme as part of the “Work & Life at Natixis” program.

The aim of this initiative is to support staff as they seek to become +Efficient +Collective & +Zen in a fast-changing world.

We are organizing the third edition of our “Work & Life Week” from June 11 to 15, involving a number of events and features on the theme “Work-life quality & Transformation”.

Staff in France and internationally will be able to attend a range of events, kicking off with a series of three coaching conferences, based on the following themes:

  • Using your brain to turn stress into agility and resilience with Jacques Fradin, physician and cognitive and behavioral therapist; 
  • Optimism as the ultimate transformation tool with speaker Philippe Gabilliet, professor in management & psychology at ESCP Europe;
  • The secrets of Danish happiness applied to the corporate world with Malene Rydhal, author of the best seller “Happy as a Dane”.


In addition to these conferences, which will help staff find ways to think and act differently, there will also be a number of events and workshops in our offices worldwide devoted to wellbeing, teamwork and personal efficiency:

  • Smoothies & juice bars, 
  • Introduction to the Japanese Do-In technique, breathing practices and yoga, 
  • Events with naturopaths and dieticians, 
  • Foosball & table tennis, 
  • Sharing best practices and skills with co-workers, 
  • Concentration & posture workshops,
  • Opening of a new concierge service, etc.


These events will also provide an opportunity to share and promote our various staff programs, such as remote working, which is used by more than 3,000 staff at Natixis, internal mediation, counselling and advice services as well as our parenthood support initiatives.

Work-life quality is a key priority at Natixis

Natixis launched its “Work & Life at Natixis” initiative in early 2016, aimed at stepping up moves to promote wellbeing, health and work-life quality for its staff. 

In addition to the charter of 15 pledges to promote work-life balance, Natixis also signed a company-wide agreement aimed at further fostering work-life quality, which is a real source of efficiency, sustainable performance and commitment.

This agreement is based on four key areas:

  • Working conditions: enable all staff members to produce high-quality work (comply with charters on e-mail best practices and best practices for meetings, improve access to information and digital tools, participatory approach, discussion groups on work, etc.).
  • Relationships and cooperation: strengthen our teamwork and enhance our social connections in an increasingly digital workplace (community and quality of relationships, development of management skills, new trends in workspaces, etc.).
  • Wellbeing at work: bolster programs to prevent health risks and promote work-life balance (information platform for parents, concierge service, childcare, continued roll-out of remote working, promotion of involvement in associations and solidarity initiatives, etc.).
  • Support for transformation: take steps to better address the personal impact of transformation programs for staff and increase consideration of the human dimension in change management.


Natixis was also awarded the “Top Employer France” certification for the second year in a row in 2018, hailing the quality of our HR policies and our commitment to creating a high-quality working environment.