Published 12/10/18
Published 12/10/18
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On December 3, 2018, at the awards for Best Shareholder Relations during a ceremony organized by Le Revenu magazine, Natixis won one award in the SBF 120 Companies category (excluding CAC 40): 

       Gold award for 2018 Shareholder Relations 

This Gold Trophy for the best shareholder services of the SBF 120 awarded to Natixis rewards alls the actions of the company’s Shareholder Relations department with regard to the individual shareholder, for a continuous relationship adapted to all types fo shareholders

This distinction also recognizes the proximity and dynamism of the actions of the team in its daily relationship with Natixis’ Individual Shareholders.

Last year, the Shareholder Relations team received the Silver Trophy and, in 2016, the Bronze Trophy.

This award pays tribute to the efforts made by the Shareholders Relations team to serve individual shareholders.


About Natixis’ Shareholders Relations

Natixis’ Individual shareholder relations and communication platform has three main access points:

  • A toll-free number (from a landline in France: 0800 41 41 41) available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except on public holidays). This number provides access to an interactive voice response system that gives round-the-clock access to the share price.
  • A dedicated e-mail address (, managed directly by the Individual Shareholder Relations team, enables individual shareholders to send questions to the Company.
  • The website (

– contains company information;

– collects more specifically in the “Investor Relations” section the company’s press releases, calendar and financial news;

– includes all editorial content and documents for shareholders and especially all issues of the Shareholder Annual Newsletter and the Shareholder Guide in the “Individual Shareholder Corner”.

The following two bodies also coordinate relations with individual investors:

•        The Shareholder Club

It was created in 2007 and has 15,080 members.

Among them, more of 6,200 are e.members, i.e. members who have chosen to use exclusively the Internet to receive information.

Shareholder Club members are regularly updated on Natixis news. They receive:

– monthly Newsletters focusing on the Shareholder Club highlights and company financial news,

– an interactive multimedia version of the Shareholder Annual Newsletter,

– periodical invitations to events relating to our sponsorship policy.

Members may also access a dedicated website ( containing information about the Club and its Program of activities (interactive Shareholder Annual Newsletters, video conferences, chats, economic videos, events related to Natixis sponsorship policy, etc.).

Shareholder Club members take part in events included in the Program of Activities.

Any Shareholder who takes the voluntary approach to subscribe may join the Shareholder Club provided they hold at least one (1) registered or bearer share. Becoming a member of Natixis Shareholder Club is free of charge. 

The subscription module is available here (In French only). Once you access the dedicated page, click on « Je souhaite m’inscrire  » (I wish to join in). 


  • Natixis Shareholder Consultative Committee (CCAN)

Created in 2008, the Committee is in charge of all aspects of financial communication for individual investors, and especially the two main meetings with shareholders, i.e. the Shareholders’ Meetings and the Actionaria Investor Forum.

 •        The CCAN is an advisory body and a think tank composed of 12 members who represent Natixis’ individual shareholders. These members are themselves individual shareholders chosen through an application process that includes several interviews. A third of its members are renewed each year. Any interested shareholder may apply all year long.

Click here to view the minutes of October 17, 2018 meeting.