Published 11/12/18
Published 11/12/18
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More than 500 clients, media and other stakeholders attended the Natixis IM Summit on November 7 at the Palais Brongniart in Paris.

The New Geopolitical World Order was at the core of the day which included numerous debates.

The 70 leading experts from around the world included five former heads of state or government, including Matteo Renzi, Italian Prime minister (2014-2016), Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic (2007-2012), Gerhard Schröder, German Chancellor (1998-2005), Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia (2010-2018) and Noble Peace Prize laureate.

“The image we want to project is a differentiated approach to investment management: opinions, different perspectives, a confrontation of ideas and, of course, the long-term perspective for the benefit of our clients”, said Jean Raby, CEO of Natixis IM, in his opening remarks.


All content accessible on the Summit website (@Natixis) and LinkedIn.

Natixis Investment Managers - Summit 2018