#Shareholders' Relations
Published 5/24/17
Published 5/24/17
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#Shareholders' Relations

Natixis’ General Shareholders’ Meeting was held on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 3:00 p.m., at Palais Brongniart, 25, Place de la Bourse, 75002 Paris.
Nearly 400 Shareholders attended the Shareholders’ meeting while over 10,000 Shareholders* voted prior to the Meeting.

“We have to remind you that in order to follow our action aimed at reducing the number of printed documents for this Shareholders’ Meeting, the sending of the Shareholders’ Notice of Meeting has been dematerialized. Thus, as part of our partnership with Fondation Gustave Roussy, for each Shareholder who accepted to be e-convened to the Shareholders’ Meeting, we gave back 4 € to the fight against cancer (…) We thank all the shareholders, of which 40 % were registered shareholders, who opted for this quick, safe and ecological solution and we do hope, thanks to your contribution, to be able to significantly increase the number of e-convened Shareholders from next year.” François Pérol


To start with, a film on « The economic environment » surrounding Natixis was shown. The addressed issues resulted from the survey prior to the Meeting to which over 200 Shareholders responded.

Then Laurent Mignon presented the accounts and takeaways of 2016, and the Q1-2017 results. He concluded his intervention on the achievements of the « New Frontier » Strategic Plan that ends in December of this year. 

After presenting Natixis’ governance, François Pérol gave the floor to the Compensation Committee Chairman, Nicolas de Tavernost, who reported on the Committee’s works and detailed the compensations of the corporate officers and of the regulated population.

During the question and answer session, the following issues, among others, were addressed: 

  • Natixis and the funding of projects in the coal and fossil energy sector;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • the funding of the North Dakota pipeline; 
  • the evolution of the share price since its listing on the market;
  • digitalization;
  • the non-compensation of François Pérol as Chairman of Natixis Board of Directors;
  • the upcoming move to new offices.


The final quorum reached the 83,44%. On 22 resolutions, all were voted except one referring to a regulated convention (amendment to the compensation protocol signed between Natixis and Banque Palatine), among them:

  • the 2016 accounts;
  • the payment of a dividend in cash of 0,35 € per share, which corresponds to a payout ratio of 85%. The ex-date was May 26, 2017 and the payment date: from May 30, 2017;
  • favorable opinions on components of compensation due or attributed for the year 2016 to the Chairman and the Chief Financial Officer (« Say on Pay ») as well as on the overall compensation package paid in 2016 to the regulated population;
  • approvals of the principles and criteria determining the compensation components for the year 2017 of the Chairman and the Chief Financial Officer;
  • some movements within the Board of Directors: the renewal of Nicolas de Tavernost’ mandate as Director and the approval of the co-opting of Catherine Pariset as Director;
  • the introduction of the possibility to e-convene the Directors to the Board of Directors’ Meetings. 


* You were offered the option to vote prior to the Shareholders’ Meeting, via the Votaccess platform: we counted altogether 10,058 Shareholders who chose this solution, i.e. nearly 128 million votes.


View the webcast of the Shareholders’ Meeting (in French only).