Published 6/5/18
Published 6/5/18
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What are the consequences of the electoral situation in Italy on the financial markets? Our experts contribute their insights.

Italy: what are the risks to the sustainability of its debt? 

A new report Euro Area Watch, just released by Alan Lemangnen & Camille Neuville Economists Italy and with the contribution of rates strategistsJean-Christophe Machado and Cyril Regnat, main topic « Italy: what are the risks to the sustainability of its debt? A complete analyse of the factors that could derail the public debt ratio from its current trajectory (1) a shock to interest rates, (2) a sharp reduction in primary surpluses (3) a trend slowdown in growth.

Available only for Natixis CIB clients and current subscribers to Natixis Research website.

Euro Area Watch report – 4 June 2018


Les marchés italiens dans la tourmente de la crise politique

Despite the formation of a new coalition government, uncertainties still remain on the Italian political situation and its potential impact on the financial markets.

Read Ostrum Asset Management’s experts analysis and outlook.

Flash marchés – 4 June 2018