#Culture And Talents
Published 3/1/19
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Published 3/1/19
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#Culture And Talents

Diversity is an integral part of Natixis’ identity and business culture as it is a company that was built from a series of mergers, it is present across 38 countries and is part of a broader mutualist group, Groupe BPCE. We want to take our inclusive approach a step further and turn our individual differences into a real shared strength for the company.

We are convinced that…

Here at Natixis, we are convinced that the diversity of our staff has a whole range of positive impacts, driving innovation, fostering engagement and helping us taking example from each other. Beyond the ethical aspects, diversity is also a performance enabler and a transformation driver.
Diversity of cultures, backgrounds, gender and generations is a real source of long-term value creation for a company, spurring on performance and making it a more vibrant place.

It is vital for the entire company to get involved to make it truly inclusive.

“We will only have truly succeeded when we can look beyond our differences and see only skills!”


Our main areas for action

  1. Ensure gender equality across all levels of the company
  2. Promote inclusion and retention of staff with disabilities or illness
  3. Enhance intergenerational cooperation
  4. Increase diversity of backgrounds and career paths.



Our pledges

Natixis has been a signatory to the French diversity charter since 2009 and actively combats discrimination in any shape or form across all aspects of its human resources policies, from recruitment through to training and career management.

As part of the New Dimension strategic plan, Natixis has set a number of detailed targets for the period out to 2020, and these are regularly monitored by the Senior Management Committee:

  • 30% of our top leader group Natixis Global Leaders and 40% of our second leader group Purple Leaders are to be made up of women;
  • Keep on 15% of our work placement students on permanent contracts and hire 47% of new permanent contracts from the under-30 age group;
  • Have at least 12% seniors in our staff numbers.

Our teams worldwide work together to foster an inclusive company, with a range of initiatives:

  • In Portugal, the Champion for Change initiative encourages women to get involved in the tech and digital scene;
  • The Diversity@NatixisAPAC (DANA) program, launched by our teams in Asia, seeks to develop a diverse talent pool and fight against stereotypes, offering inclusive leadership training courses;
  • In London, staff have access to an online training course to raise awareness of unconscious prejudice;
  • In France, Natixis is a signatory to the Cancer@Work Charter (website in French only) to raise awareness and challenge misconceptions on cancer in the workplace, foster a positive working environment to support those affected by cancer and promote the appropriate managerial attitude and practices.