#Shareholders' Relations
Published 4/12/17
Published 4/12/17
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#Shareholders' Relations

Combined General Shareholders’ Meeting of May 23, 2017

Brochure of meeting notice – Interactive version

  Brochure of meeting Notice – PDF  

– Agenda of the Meeting (art. R. 225-81 of the Commercial Code) 45
– Presentation of the various options of representation at the Meeting (Art. L. 225-106 to L. 225-106-3 and R. 225-76 of the Commercial Code), i.e.:

  • give a proxy to any person of one’s choice
  • send a proxy form to the Company without specifying a representative
  • vote by post
– Postal and proxy voting forms or single document* provided for under the third paragraph of Article R. 225-76 of the Commercial Code, except in cases when the Company sends such forms to all its shareholders
*the form can be obtained from CACEIS Corporate Trust, Service Assemblées – 14, rue Rouget de Lisle, 92862 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex 9
– Report of the Board of Directors on the use of capital increase authorizations in 2016 (art. L225-129-5 and R. 225-116 of the French Commercial Code) and the report on the operations carried out by the Company as part of the allocation of bonus shares to the salaried staff and managers (Art. L. 225-197-4 and L. 225-197-5 of the French Commercial Code) 43-44
– Report of the Board of Directors on resolutions submitted to the General Shareholders’ Meeting 46-54
– Texts of the draft resolutions presented by the Board of Directors as well as explanations on resolutions (Art. L. 225-115, 3 and R. 225-83, 2 and 3 of the Commercial Code) 55-67
– For the /appointment of Directors: last name, first name and age of the candidates, their professional background and activities in the last five years, specifically the duties that they carry out or have carried out in other companies; positions held in the Company by candidates and the number of shares of the Company which they hold (Art. L. 225-115,3 and R. 225-83, 5 of the Commercial Code) 18-20


Documents and information in the  


2016 registration document  

– Summary presentation of the Company during the previous fiscal year 5-32
– Report of the Statutory Auditors appointed as independent thirdparty bodies on the consolidated social, environmental and corporate information provided in the Management Report 434-435
– Report of the Chairman of the Board of Directors on the structure of the Board, preparation and organization of the Board’s work and the internal control procedures (Art. L. 225-37, par. 6 and L. 225-115, 2 of the Commercial Code) 61-108
– Last names and first names of directors and senior executives and corporate names, if any, of the other companies in which such persons carry out management, executive, administration or supervision functions (Art. L. 225-115, 1 and R. 225-83, 5 of the Commercial Code) 34-60
– Statutory Auditors’ report on the report prepared by the Chairman of the Board of Directors (Art. L. 225-235 of the Commercial Code) 109
– Management report on the financial statements of the fiscal year ended December 31, 2016, including the report on the consolidated financial statements (Art. L. 233-26 of the Commercial Code) 203-390
– Inventory of the Company’s various assets and liabilities items of the Company (Art. L. 225-115, 1st paragraph of the Commercial Code) 204-205
– Consolidated financial statements and Group management report (Art. L. 225-115,1st and R. 225-83, 6 of the Commercial Code) 204-348
– Auditors’ Report on consolidated financial statements 349-350
– Annual financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and appendices) of the last fiscal year as well as the table of allocation of earnings (Art. L. 225-115,1st and R. 225-83, 6 of the Commercial Code) 351-390
– Table showing the Company’s results for each of the last five fiscal years (Art. R. 225-83,6 and appendices 2-2 of the Book II of the Commercial Code) 390
– Auditors’ Reports (Art. L. 225-115, 2 and R. 225-83, 6 of the Commercial Code), i.e.:

  • General report on annual financial statements (Art. L. 232-3 of the Commercial Code),
  • Special Report on Related Party Agreements and Commitments (Art. L. 225-40, 3 of the Commercial Code).


– Table listing authority and power delegations granted by the Shareholders’ Meeting to the Board of Directors for capital increases (Art. L. 225-129-1 and L. 225-129-2 and L. 225-100, 7 of the Commercial Code) 446


  • The list of the items added of the agenda and/or the text of draft resolutions presented by shareholders (Art. R. 225-73-1, par. 8 of the Commercial Code) and received no later than (April 28, 2017)
  • List of shareholders drawn up by the Company as at the 16th day before the Meeting is held (available in accordance with Art. L. 225-116 and R. 225-90 of the French Commercial Code)