Published 7/29/11
Published 7/29/11
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Beyond its environmental and social responsibility as a financial institution, Natixis is commited to civil society trhough several charity actions.

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Commitments to solidarity and general-interest projects

Natixis is involved in several solidarity and general-interest projects to benefit the community.

Cancer research

Natixis has been a supporter of the Fondation Gustave Roussy’s cancer research since 2011. After its support of three teams researching the personalization of cancer treatment, Natixis renewed its commitment in 2016 by awarding a research grant to three new teams working in three cutting-edge fields of cancer research: immunotherapy, precision medicine and DNA repair.

In 2018, Natixis organized several events to raise awareness and funds in support of Gustave Roussy. It supported international breast cancer awareness month, Pink October, by taking part in the Odyssea race, and took part in initiatives to raise awareness of men’s health issues in November, with internal events for employees. 

Support for student solidarity-based projects: the C.A.M.P.U.S. Awards 

Each year, Natixis organizes a request for student solidarity projects, the C.A.M.P.U.S. Awards, to encourage student socio-cultural, socio-athletic and sustainable development initiatives. 

Access to music programs

Natixis has been a sponsor of the Passeurs d’Arts association since 2016 which creates children’s orchestras predominantly in underprivileged neighborhoods and which facilitates access to musical instrument lessons and uses music as a means to foster participants’ socialization and personal development.

Natixis’ commitments to culture

In 2018, Natixis renewed its support for the Paris Opera Academy, of which it is a founding patron, for three more seasons. 

Natixis also sponsored the Centre Pompidou’s Cubism exhibition from October 17, 2018 to February 25, 2019.  

Employee participation in solidarity-based initiatives 

Many Natixis employees are involved in solidarity-based initiatives, which are encouraged by Natixis as a way to build team spirit. These initiatives demonstrate our employees’ commitment to social issues and their determination to rally around a cause. 

Sports and solidarity 

In 2018 and for the ninth year running, Natixis entered a team into the Course du Cœur charity road race to support the Trans-Forme association in its public awareness campaign on organ donation. For four days and four nights, 14 members of staff took turns to cover the 750 km between Paris and Bourg Saint Maurice (Les Arcs). Staff and their families also turned out in large numbers for the 30th edition of the Financial Community Telethon. Donations to the AFM-Téléthon charity were matched in full by the company. 

Humanitarian leave 

Since 2013, Natixis has allowed its employees to take humanitarian leave (Congé Solidaire®) to support the non-profit association Planète Urgence. Natixis funds the mission preparation, travel and logistics expenses. In 2018, 29 missions were completed for the protection of biodiversity, social and educational support for young children, and adult skills training in various fields (office tools, project management, etc.), taking the total number of missions organized since the program’s launch to 139.

 Natixis Assurances allows its members of staff a day’s leave each year so they can volunteer with non-profit associations. In 2018, 185 volunteer missions were organized in various areas (helping in charity shops, accompanying underprivileged children on a day trip to the beach, installation of temporary cinemas in children’s hospitals, etc.). A total of 589 missions have been carried out with associations since 2014. 

Charity collections 

In 2018, Natixis and its subsidiaries organized several collections of items to be donated to charity, including books (for Adiflor and Bibliothèques Sans Frontières), work clothes (for La Cravate Solidaire) and toys (for Secours Populaire and the charity Rejoué). A Christmas market in aid of Secours Populaire was also held in various Natixis’ offices. 

International solidarity 

In all its international offices, Natixis establishes partnerships with general-interest associations and mobilizes employee support, beginning in the EMEA region:

The Milan branch took part in a local marathon in support of the Italian cancer research charity, AIRC. It is also a partner of a food bank and of Dynamo Camp (a charity that helps disabled children), which members of staff can volunteer to support.

In Madrid, Natixis entered into a partnership with non-profit organization Caritas to support a solidarity-based supermarket, Tres Olivos, which helps approximately 100 disadvantaged families (basic goods are subsidized to cost 80% less than regular market prices). Tres Olivos receives financial aid from Natixis Madrid employees and contributions are topped up by the company. Natixis Madrid is also a partner of a local food bank.

In Moscow, Natixis funded a charity helping abandoned children in Russia and organized a collection of gifts for elderly people living in retirement homes to mark the new year. 

The partnerships with associations in the Americas set up in 2017 continued: 

  • the Central Park Conservancy and the Brooklyn Bridge Conservancy; 
  • the Harlem RBI Bids for Kids association, which helps inner-city youth; 
  • the Wheelchair Sport Federation to give disabled people the opportunity to play their sport recreationally or competitively; 

In the US, through the Natixis Community Giving Initiative, Natixis also supports its employees’ initiatives by publishing information and organizing collections for various associations. 

Lastly, Natixis continues to expand its contributions to charitable causes in the Asia Pacific region, with an increase in staff volunteering activities, including: 

>> A new edition of Hong Kong Volunteering Month. This initiative included a charity walk to distribute items to homeless people, a visit to an organic farm with disabled students and a collection of Christmas gifts for underprivileged children in Hong Kong and Asia. 

>> Participation in the Hong Kong Coastal Cleanup for the fourth year running. 

>> Partnership with Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE), with investments over three years to finance the renovation of a school in Phnom Penh (Cambodia).