Published 1/1/17
Published 1/1/17
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  1. 2014/2017 strategic plan and results -  Pierre-Alexandre Pechmeze, Head of Investor Communication
  2. Macro-economic overview – Sylvain Broyer, Chief Economist
  3. Presentation of the contributory digital tool for the Committee from the study of the Shareholder Corner of the web site of Natixis by Philippe Perrault, cyber project manager safety of the Information system security of Natixis
  4. Recent events within Natixis and within the Shareholder Consultative Committee:


  • Natixis won two Bronze awards in the SBF 120 Companies category (excluding CAC 40) organized by Le Revenu
  • Movements within the Committee
  • SCC’s yearly self-assessment survey
  • Schedule for 2017 first half-year

Download the minutes of Dec 13, 2016 SCC Meeting (in french only)

Download the presentation of Dec 13, 2016 SCC Meeting (in french only)