Published 11/26/19
Published 11/26/19
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Organised by the Trans-forme association (the Federative Association for Transplant and Dialysis Patients), the Course du Cœur will be 34 in 2020. Since 2008, Natixis has participated in this race, spanning 4 days and 4 nights, during which 14 employees take part in a 750km relay from Paris to Arcs-Bourg Saint Maurice. Between 14 and 18 teams of 14 runners take part in the race every year, including a team of transplantees (heart, liver, kidney, bone marrow).

The objective? To raise awareness for organ donation. The Course du Cœur is, therefore, a community-minded and profoundly human event that Natixis supports unconditionally.

Over and above this display, remarkable in its size as well as its duration, running has become an integral part of wellbeing and cohesion at work. At countless companies, employees leave their offices to go running together, be it simply to share a relaxing moment together or else to prepare for a race or competition. Both cases offer an opportunity to create and reinforce links, build a team spirit and enjoy the pleasure of collectively achieving a common goal. All this whilst improving one’s health, thanks to the recognised benefits of running!

A race supported by our partners

By taking part in the Course du Coeur, Natixis is helping to advance the cause of organ donation, both amongst its employees worldwide and amongst its partners. It has notably benefited from the symbolic support of several players from Racing 92, including François Van Der Merwe, Patricio Albacete and even the French international Brice Dulin. In 2020, like last year, one of Racing 92’s matches at the Paris La Défense Arena will celebrate the Course du Cœur.

The Beyonders (previously the Fortiches) are proud to count on the support of these rugby players throughout the Course du Cœur. It is significant that amateur and professional sportsmen and women share common values, such as pushing their limits, tenacity, commitment and expertise, all the while supporting a great cause. This team, which over the years has become more and more international and mixed, knows how to deliver a truly unique human experience.

The Course du Cœur, by encouraging sporting values, helps to develop a strong team spirit and supports a noble and community-minded cause. The Beyonders have stamina and, above all, they have heart”, says Benoit Jehan, co-captain of the Course du Cœur 2020, who is taking part for the 6th time and for the 4th as co-captain.



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More information on the Course du Coeur blog (French only) and on the Facebook page


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