#Business #Sustainable Transition
#Business #Sustainable Transition

Biodiversity in our financing

We conduct an extensive biodiversity impact analysis for each project finance deal, and take on board challenges related to natural capital conversation across all our businesses. We apply our unique Green Weighting Factor methodology to systematically assess the impact of each funding deal on biodiversity for sectors where this challenge has a material impact, as well as the effect of dedicated financing deals (project or asset financing) on key biodiversity areas.

Natixis also pledges not to finance projects in IUCN protected areas I and II, in wetlands of international importance under the Ramsar convention or areas listed as UNESCO world heritage sites, and ensures compliance with initiatives to mitigate the impact on biodiversity.

We apply the Equator Principles, and require our clients to consider all the potential environmental, social, health and safety risks and impacts of their projects, and take action to plan, avoid, mitigate and offset their impacts. We then assess the project on the basis of the impact assessment and the mitigation systems the client has set up to address them. 

We are particularly watchful on mining and agricultural commodities production where there can be a major impact on natural capital.


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