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    Anne Lalou, founder of the Web School Factory, surrounded by school students
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    Published 5/28/21
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    We are proud to be a partner company (Partenaire d’avenir) of the Web School Factory’s Partnership for the Future program. This network of committed companies supports the development of career paths of excellence in the digital sector. Partner companies are particularly mobilized right now to assist students as we emerge from the current crisis, and have pledged to financially support them with €1,000 per year and per student, right throughout their training. This measure adds to the educational and employability support that students already receive at the Web School Factory.

    A lasting impact

    Here at Natixis we have contributed to building projects together with the Web Factory School and its partner companies for more than five years, in order to ground the students’ learning in their reality and bring long-lasting impact to help these young adults move on towards a career track of excellence.

    This additional annual contribution of €1,000 per student to cover tuition fees aims to support students’ access to digital management training courses. Since the creation of the Web School Factory, students have been able to build, conduct and present more than 1,400 projects based on this specific project-driven approach that we support. Our teams within the company are also involved in promoting these gateways to the workplace and strengthening students’ employability.

    Additionally, this financial support is a way of fostering student engagement and fueling innovation and digital transformation.


    Developing their employability is one of our D&I priorities

    Cécile Tricon-Bossard, Head of Human Resources at Natixis


    Promoting Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

    Cécile Tricon-Bossard,

    Chief Human Resources Officer at Natixis, states “As partner company of the Web School Factory, we contribute to elevating the students’ career paths through concrete projects related to the digital sector. We are very proud of this partnership, because developing the employability of younger generations through the sharing of experience is one of our D&I priorities, along with helping new talents to emerge and supporting their arrival in the workplace. As such, our goal is for juniors to make up 50% of our new hires by 2024, and in 2021, we will welcome 450 students on work-study placements and more than fifty international volunteer program staff (V.I.E.).

    As part of our drive to develop and attract talents, supporting students is paramount. Thanks to this shared initiative, 150 innovations are developed each year, and each related project team challenges us and helps drive us forward. This inter-generational collaboration with young talents is a major asset for our company, always inspiring us to better serve our clients.

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