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    Natixis offers various podcasts contents in English and in French to share its expertise and key insights.

    Natixis Talks podcasts are available on all the most popular podcasts platforms be it Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, Stitcher, Podcast Addict, Castbox, Overcast or Castro.

    You are welcome to discover the different channels and to enjoy listening to them anytime from your favorite device whether it is a laptop or your smartphone!

    Poscasts Green Momentum

    A series dedicated to green finance stakes, evolution and key role contributing to a greater protection of the environment and society. Listen to the debates and explanations of experts from various sectors hosted by the journalist Jérôme Libeskind.

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    • Poscasts Macro Briefing

      Welcome to our weekly markets’ update with the analysis of our chief economists and Research experts at Natixis. 

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    • Poscasts Green in Mind
      in Mind

      Green finance, CSR criteria (corporate social responsibility), sustainable initiatives: find out how financial institutions sustain their social and environmental commitments, be it in the support of communities or the protection of biodiversity.

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    • Poscasts Eco in Mind
      in Mind

      Discover economic news deciphered by our experts, analysts and economists from Natixis with our Eco in Mind podcasts. Current trends, geopolitical impacts, financial markets changes - all you need to know in 20 minutes or less! 

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    • Poscasts Digital in Mind
      in Mind

      Digital transformation is at the heart of financial evolution: new technologies and fintech are changing the game! Get the detailed explanations from Natixis’ experts. 

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    Did you know?

    • Created since 2005 by Apple, podcast term is the contraction between “iPod” and “broadcast”. Podcasts are audio files available anytime and hosted on online platforms.
    • 80% of the podcasts’ contents are listened to within 48 hours following their release
    • More than 39% French people regularly listen to podcasts
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