Our professional gender equality index

In accordance with the Avenir law, which aims to eliminate the gender pay gap, Natixis SA in France is publishing its Professional Gender Equality Index for 2022.

Indicator 1
Indicator 2
Indicator 3
Indicator 4
Indicator 5
Gender pay gap Annual pay rise gap Promotions gap Percentage of employees who received a pay rise on return from maternity leave Gender parity among the company’s ten highest earners
Score out of 100 Score out of 40 Score out of 20 Score out of 15 Score out of 15 Score out of 10
81 31 20 15 15 0


Doing better on indicators where we fell short of the maximum score: targets

The score for Indicator 1, gender pay gap, dropped by six points in 2022 (vs. 2021).

We are taking steps to bring it back close to the previous years’ scores of between 31 and 37 for this indicator. Here’s how we’re making this happen:



  • Increasing the number of women hired in business lines where they tend to be most under-represented

Equipping our HR teams to ensure equal pay for equal work by:

  • Providing internal and external benchmarking tools
  • Organizing targeted training.

Annual Compensation Review campaigns

  • Improving tools for monitoring overall pay gaps used by HRMs and leader managers
  • Training in gender bias for managers ahead of the campaign


Budget earmarked to ensure equal pay

We are maintaining the budget aimed at eliminating gaps in fixed pay for which there is no justification.


Career management and progression

  • Actions to offer career development and promotion opportunities for women
  • Gender diversity targets for leaders and leadership circles.

Our progress so far and targets to further increase gender diversity in leadership roles and in our leadership circles will also impact Indicator 5: Gender parity among the company’s 10 highest earners. However, because of how the score is calculated, we will only see progress in the medium to long term.


Gender representation gap within our governing bodies

In accordance with Article 14 of the French Law of December 24, 2021 on accelerating economic and professional equality, Natixis SA in France has calculated and published the percentage of women and men in senior management as at December 31, 2022.

  • 36% of its senior managers were women
  • 67% of the General Management Committee were women.